...In a world where so many training providers are focused on standardisation and volume rather than quality, the main thing that impressed me was the thoroughness of Holt's approach and the length to which they went to understand Walter Lilly as a business and our specific training needs.
 Director, Walter Lilly & Company Ltd. 
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what we do
... team development

Helping teams to fulfill their potential.

High performing teams generate exceptional loyalty, commitment and drive. They aren't paralysed by politics, negative emotions and wasted energy. If teams are to fulfil their potential and provide the performance you desire, they need to understand and master the dynamics of effective team working. We recognise that true team building focuses on individual action, feeling and accountability, rather than on vague notions of 'team'. We avoid vacuous discussions around 'shared goals', 'co-operation', 'group-speak' or 'how I really feel' to focus on the real barriers and opportunities to help them build a high performing team.

Providing focus on what is important for team building
We help teams focus on: getting work done. doing the right work, working interdependently, managing systems, developing interdependence and adapting to change - this means we empower the team to continuously develop, face and overcome challenges as part of their day to day role rather than trying to 'fix' a particular one off problem.

By agreeing clear success criteria with you from the outset, including anticipated returns on your investment to measure us on, we ensure that each team determines appropriate, challenging targets that will enable it to measure success. This process can be informed, shaped and measured by information from external sources such as the views of key stakeholders, team diagnostics questionnaires and 360° feedback from others in the business.

The Holt can help you
Understand the status quo, by speaking to team members and stakeholders Design a solution that will deliver a tangible return on investment for your business Challenge teams to recognise what a high performing team is and why it is important to build that team Relate the team to its obligations, outputs and relations to the wider organisation Provide portable skills and learning for individuals Ensure benefits are sustained and the team build process continue even when membership of the specific team changes.

Your business will benefit from:

  • Sustainable, relevant improvements in performance
  • Return on investment based on a clear set of outcomes
  • Teams who maintain their effectiveness and continue to develop whatever happens back at work
  • Success that can be measured