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Identify and develop your future leaders.

Identifying talent and developing people for the challenge of business leadership are essential elements of sustainable business growth and success. Our approach is to understand that they are unique, and it is that uniqueness makes them valuable to your organisation - we are not trying to clone an existing leader, but helping hone talent, promote best practice and aid their transition to becoming a world class business leader.

Multi-faceted approach
Our approach combines intensive learning and development with ongoing support. A series of intensive development centres covers: practical application and experiential learning with theory and psychometrics. This is supported with on-going: consultancy, coaching, strategic business projects and distance learning. These elements are brought together as a seamless process, focused on the current and future needs of your business, benefiting both your organisation and the individual. Your solution will be built specifically around your business calling upon proven modules and methodology. We can readily incorporate other elements specific to the needs of your business, such as: managing change, conflict management, corporate responsibility or the influence of the global economy.

The Holt can help you
Provide insight into the role of a senior manager of a high performing business Motivate and galvanise other people into action through leadership Increase awareness of their own strengths, and their limits Help promote a proactive approach to the management of change Embed knowledge of their personal responsibility and role in translating strategy into action Develop flexibility in their choice of behaviour in different types of situation Develop understanding on how to create and maintain high performing teams Deliver skills in coaching, influencing and challenging to achieve improved performance Contribute to the resolution of current strategic business challenges

Your business will benefit from:

  • Their ability to deal creatively with tight deadlines, limited resources and significant personal challenges
  • Engaged employees - on an emotional as well as intellectual level
  • People who can influence and think strategically and the capacity to manage change effectively
  • Leaders who are ready to rise to the challenge when it comes
  • Return on investment based on a clear set of outcomes
  • Success that can be measured