...In a world where so many training providers are focused on standardisation and volume rather than quality, the main thing that impressed me was the thoroughness of Holt's approach and the length to which they went to understand Walter Lilly as a business and our specific training needs.
 Director, Walter Lilly & Company Ltd. 
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what we do
... freedom

Tired of doing all the thinking?

You have a bright, well paid team, yet you are still the one working ridiculous hours - it's got to change

Your team are perfectly placed to take ownership and drive the business forward - in fact in most cases it is what they really want - they just need to feel empowered to do so... So what's stopping them?

We can help

Our one day workshop helps everyone in the organisation or department to understand the need for them to take ownership and drive the business forward - this culminates in new processes and working styles that streamline the business and free up your most valuable asset - your time.

Costs are as little as £182*pp + vat including everything: venue, lunch and refreshments, exclusive meeting room, use of exercises, facilitator, workbooks and use of our action planning system to ensure delivery of your projects.

Sounds too good to be true?

We have delivered for other companies large and small including:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Barclays
  • British Gas
  • MacMillan Cancer Research
  • And we can do the same for you

* £95pp activity and venue, £675 for facilitator per team, prices exclude vat and management fee at 12.5%. Minimum 10 delegates